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Hi,we are organizing hiking and trekking tours ( 5 to 20 kms in order to your wish ) around Cyprus more than 5 years , we know lots of destinations according to your interest ; South or North Cyprus, group must be formed at least 5 participants (healthy) ,we can also arrange transportation for this tours but in this case group must be at least 20 people .The photos will be taking while hiking and will send to every participants electronic post (email). Normally the days of the tours Saturdays or Sundays but the other days can be arrange as your wish . The fee for this trips are 20 euros for guiding and 10 – 30 euros for the distance of the transportation for per person . Telephone : 0542 868 66 89 but prefered communication is from facebook or email (mozhamit@gmail.com) because

I wialevkayasıll not be able to answer my phone everytime.